Fred Posner

Kamailio Consultant, VoIP Engineer, SIP Expert

Kamailio Consultant / Expert

Providing Kamailio support and consulting.

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Kamailio Expert

Specializing in Kamailio (formerly OpenSER) consulting.

Kamailio, an open source SIP server, provides an extremely scalable solution capable of handling thousands of calls per second. With features such as encryption, ENUM, least cost routing, accounting, authentication, fail-over, and more, Kamailio provides an incredibly scalable solution perfect for call centers, enterprises, carriers, and any mission critical task.

Professional Kamailio Consulting

Fred Posner provides openSER (Kamailio) consultant services through LOD Communications and The Palner Group. Active in the VoIP community, Fred works to empower business through professional communication systems.

Core Belief

Your phone system must increase productivity. If your current solution forces you to work within boundaries then you need to talk with Fred about switching to an open source telecommunication solution.

As a Kamailio Consultant, Fred first works to understand your business process. Then, it's time to make your process more efficient and productive.


From Fortune 50 companies to family owned small businesses, Fred provides every customer with expert knowledge and real-world experience. Fred can provide you with custom programming, design, implementation, troubleshooting, emergency support, and more.

From call centers to database integration, carrier grade systems to simple IVR assistance, Fred's experience with Asterisk, FreeSwitch, OpenSER (Kamailio), and other VoIP products will provide you the quality communications solution you need.

Expert consultant services provided remotely or on-site with 24/7/365 response available.


Fred actively participates in the VoIP Community, including Kamailio World, AstriCon, ClueCon, and other groups providing support for Open Source and branded communication software.

Fred is a contributor to the Kamailio project, a member of the management board, and a proud / honored recipient of two of the 2010 Kamailio Awards and a 2019 Simcon Award.

Selected Video: Why I Love Kamailio

Presentation from Kamailio World 2017 in which Fred discusses why he loves Kamailio.

Open Source VoIP Consultant

SIP/VoIP Engineer specializing in Kamailio, FreeSWITCH, and Asterisk.