Fred Posner

Kamailio Consultant, VoIP Engineer, SIP Expert, and Baker

Fred Posner provides VoIP consulting services through The Palner Group and LOD Communications. In 2010, Fred Posner and his wife, Yeni Monroy, opened their bakery, in Gainesville, Florida.

Fred's primary role is a VoIP Consultant, specializing in Open Source software including Asterisk, Kamailio (formerly OpenSER), and FreeSWITCH. Fred enjoys envagenlizing open source telecom and has spoken at Astricon, ITEXPO, Cluecon, Asterisk World, and more.

When not working (which is rare), Fred loves riding his motorcycle, eating, photography, and spending time with family (this includes friends, because "Friends are the family you choose").

For more than 15 years, Fred Posner has provided VoIP consulting services; specializing in open source communication products such as Kamailio, Asterisk, and FreeSWITCH. Clients utilize Fred's services for design, implementation, and support (including emergency support). He enjoys attending (as well as speaking) at VoIP conferences such as Astricon (pictured above), Cluecon, ITExpo, and others.

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